Who Is The E-Repairscamer

The Government of the United States Of America is bound to its public to keep all foreign attacks from the people that it governs; That is not happening, the call centers are where the hacking is coming from; Repair Scams, I.R.S scams, Romance scams, Stealing Data, this is by the government of Nation States, N.S.A nor is the military of America is not protecting U.S. from an invasion of foreign government; if it was physical it would have to consider as an act of war; but after $43mil congress finely did something; even more scams are there not even stopped; You want to spank a woman (#REALITYWINNER) for tell the truth; you have a Moron in Office(CI) that has probably set the stage for the decline of America in the would wasting the millions of service man`s lives in wwII; seventy years all wasted in one fell swoop of a idiot the GOP put in office ( rigged ) he has exclaimed more than one`s; Needing to send a fax to congress I looked for a cheap device needing a driver; all I found was website repair scams that wanted in side the machine; So finding a name brand device at a much higher cost, getting the device I installed it and guest what it had two programs that were (misleading.exe & tracking.exe)=(SO BAD) so after discovering the files; I disassemble the files, I found that the coding was from F.B.I code used for napster; about the same time I was getting calls from scam numbers ( scam Likely ) I answered the phone and an Indian speaking English, proceeded  to tell me I had a file that need to be repaired; Asking him for his data( name, telephony, company ) I then ask what was the name of the file that was bad= follow ( Microsoft/Microsoft Apps ) I told him I know every file in my OS; the Phone got quiet & he started calling a M.F ( mother fucker ) three times so I returned with insults & hung up some days late he started calling me and after some calls he left a message ( IN HINDI) ( loringbrister.net ) is where you can hear the massage; Please translate to English. So, We the People are not being protected by our Government…/…

Sound of message @ = \ loringbrister.net .wma=ok=embedded

The cloud killed the firewall

Not so fast your open VPN connection may not be from cloud; one thing over-looking state sponsored hacking; you have an open door to another open connection; if you were a state hack that is something to attack; I drive myself nuts chasing down s.m.u.r.f.s.; I have a problem with the U.K. Ministry Of Defense testing the fire wall by disconnecting and cloning your credentials & rehooking with there credentials as your machine is trying too; just like cloning MAC address. With proper windows updates no problems should be there; The Cloud did not Kill the Firewall.

So! REALITY! As of now! WINNER of my overseas support call center (phone scams office H.Q) stocker; calling me about once a day some times two time a day so it works out, Thank You. Holding my FREEDOM! Down, and look for hacks/cracks. I think this guy should be paying me so if you find him please let him know that my client charges are $50K hourly and you have taken 8.45 hours from my time. Please put your ill-gotten $$$`s by donate to me, Thank You for all of your help NOW!




About Loring Brister=non potest esse nisi unus

story of Ronald Dale Harris; I won $ from a machine he programed;move data with-out detection. I never meet him;How did he send it? & how did I us the pass key?
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