A letter To Indian Support Call Centers Scammers

IT,​ Has come to my attention; that over the last twenty years, as the move to overseas call support centers the rise of phone scams fell hand to hand in line with each other. REALITY! of this is every company that moved to the call centers has exposed personal information to the India government (60% of Company) So, one must think if the government is that invested; they are using WINNER! information to attack Americans inside their own home. The American government is setting back and witching just like the gun running to Mexico (SO SAD) our own people were killed by the guns sold heading south (What A great idea). That has happened to me more than once. So! FREEDOM! Our freedom is at hand with every scam telemarketer calling; so many years calling for tech support the voices stay in your head. Answering scam likely calls the same people calling for work on my domains to someone in India pretending to be law enforcement agent using the exact word (I am a law enforcement officer my badge number is 152364 and my name is Patrick Millir) WOW! The N.S.A is hearing this phone call, and the rest of them from other people, the only way the American government is going to do something. who do you think they grabbed the tax scammer pretending to be an agent of the I.R.S. I have had every scammer call me from India call centers the same ones that you have to call for support (from the I.R.S to Google, and Microsoft, don`t forget everybody else that shipped overseas our jobs. It is rude to hang up on me so soon in the phone call. If you ass holes make it last longer I might be able to put it longer to get there:-<0…/…

The bad part about this is the American government is doing not a thing to stop. So just like everything else here Don`t be a moron NO body from the government of the great U.S.A is going to ask you pay anything on an apple gift card(DUMMY), NOW! it is time to start looking for someone in India to start calling in a S.W.A.T on somebody (SO BAD) our government will not do a thing just witch! So, if you see the name Loring Brister to call for a scam just think do want the American Government do up your ass as your India government pretends you used to work their just like your I.R.S scammers 43 million for the government that will get your ass kicked…;…

Stop calling me, or stop hanging up when I am not going with you scam; I charge $500.00 a min and it looks like you need to pay me three million dollars for the tech support you asked for from me…/…

Remember the persons in this list are the correct people that know what the Indian government is doing against the American people. The list of responsible people not doing their job protecting the people of America, and the willingness to use the public as a homer is head scratching just to have some target to follow.


listen to the scammer

This is for the Senate:…/…


·         MAJORITY

For the House


·         MAJORITY


So at the end of all this you scammers It is very rude to hang the phone up when the person you are calling has not hung up first, You ass holes seem to have time to waste my time so you can stay on the phone so I can get my credits for you jackoff!

Flushing Nunes.jpg

I have invited you to cordially eat shit and die!


P.S You should report your-self to colonel lingus NOW!



About Loring Brister=non potest esse nisi unus

story of Ronald Dale Harris; I won $ from a machine he programed;move data with-out detection. I never meet him;How did he send it? & how did I us the pass key?
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